What The Experts Say

The Biweekly Mortgage Program has been praised from such well known sources as…

The Wall Street Journal:
“Payments are made every two weeks … Each payment is equal to half of the monthly payment … Making mortgage payments correspond to America’s payday makes a lot of sense.”

The New York Times:
“Biweekly Mortgages: A way to build equity … More homeowners around the nation are taking advantage of … payments every two weeks instead of once a month … Savings can be substantial.”

USA Today:
“Biweeklies reduce interest expense and build home equity faster … It’s as simple as paying half a monthly mortgage payment every two week.”

“Why get a biweekly … Total interest over the life of the loan is reduced because your mortgage is paid off sooner … Paying every two weeks means … A 30 year loan is paid off in 20 years and 10 months.”

ABA Banking Journal:
“The biweekly offers some obvious advantages to the borrower: a shorter period of payments and substantial savings in interest costs.”

USA Today:
“For example, on a $100,000, 30 year loan at 10% … A biweekly program would produce savings of $77,635 … The plan is especially convenient for people who are paid every other week.”

Parents Magazine – Family Finance:
“The biweekly mortgage has been very popular in Canada for many years … The speed with which the mortgage is paid off and the amount of interest saved are rather amazing.”

The Daily Gazette:
“The Mortgage Manager is 100% bank and lender approved and gives the homeowner all these benefits with no refinancing … Save thousands of dollars without increasing their payment; Shorten their mortgage by 7 to 15 years; Build equity in their home up to 300% faster; Turn their mortgage into an investment; Track their savings and audit their loan to find lender mistakes.”

“The borrower thus can have the benefit of a biweekly mortgage without the cost of refinancing, saving several thousand dollars in origination fees … We live in a convenience driven society in which we routinely pay people for services we ourselves could do: house painting, diet workshops, exercise classes.”

This last part (we live in a convenience …) might not be good for a quote,
but might be good for distributors who face that objection???
The New York Times:
“Biweekly mortgages are pro-consumer because they equal the paycheck flow … The result: a reduced term for the mortgage, a substantial savings in interest and an acceleration of equity.”

Money Magazine:
“The biweekly mortgage … you pay half the monthly payment every two weeks … You’re really shortening the term of the loan and reducing the interest cost a bit each month.”

As you read from the above article in the Daily Gazette, our service provides audits of your mortgage, free of charge, to catch any lender mistakes. Let’s see how important this service is …

The Washington Post:
“Odds are high that somewhere along the line, an error was made in adjusting your payment … Here are the loans you need to check: Home Equity Lines of Credit; Consumer Loan Advocates (CLA) found errors in nearly half of them … Escrow Accounts; GMA Corp. recently settled a lawsuit brought by attorney generals in 12 states agreeing to refund tens of millions of dollars in overcharges … Adjustable Rate Mortgages; CLA found errors in nearly half, average refund owed to consumers; $1,588 … others see and error rate of 30 percent to 40 percent … Business Loans; CLA forecast an error rate of 60 percent to 75%.”

The Herald:
“Lender Holds Principal Payment checks … We were shocked when we realized the lender held these checks more than 60 days before applying them”

Attorney General of New York:
“We dug deeper and deeper and found that this system of overcharging is virtually universal … It runs across the entire mortgage lending industry.”

The Wall Street Journal:
“Homeowner should never trust their banks calculation of their adjustable rate mortgage payments.”

Associated Press:
“Fleet Mortgage plans $150 million dollar refund in overcharging case … New York State is also investigating thousands of other mortgage lenders.”

USA Today:
“A tremendous number of errors are made by lenders when they figure changes in adjustable rate mortgages.”

San Francisco Chronicle:
“Last year the mortgage industry was rocked by charges that one quarter to one-half of all adjustable rate mortgage loans may contain errors … causing homeowners to be overcharged by billions of dollars.”

Now that you’ve seen what the professionals say about the Biweekly Mortgage Program, Here’s what our customers who are actually using it have to say about our service:

“You have an excellent service and I will continue recommending it to others.” – George, UT.

“I have been very pleased with the way you have handled my mortgage. You make it very easy to track and also allow extra money each payday by taking half from each paycheck rather than all from one paycheck.” – James G., NV.

“I have had a Mortgage Manager account with you since 1998 and I very much enjoy your biweekly mortgage payment service.” – Michelle V., OH.

“I regretfully request that you cancel my participation in your excellent mortgage management program. Unfortunately, I will be divorced soon and no longer financially responsible for my home. Hopefully, I will be able to benefit from your services in the future.” – Joseph M.

“You currently process two mortgages (first & second) for me. I have combined both mortgages into one with another company. After I have everything settled, I will return to your wonderful service.” – Kim E., IN.

“I’m in the process of moving and will be selling my house. Be assured that as soon as I get settled in my new home you will be one of the first people I contact. Thank you for your past services.” – Marnie R., OK.

“I am finding great pleasure in being able to express my excitement on your Mortgage Manager program. I am sure that anyone who so ever enrolls in your program will feel the same excitement. I can only say “thank you” to you who made it possible for me to make such a smart financial decision for me and my family. Your program will produce for me some very appealing options on what a “normal” home loan could not afford me. I’ll be enjoying my savings over and over as I see others who are still locked in their conventional loans for ten years or more beyond myself. I have shared this program with others who feel the same as me – amazed! Thanks again for such a GOOD (Get Out Of Debt) plan.” – Dan.

“Thank you for your assistance in facilitating my mortgage. It is a wonderful product you are offering. I can’t understand why everyone wouldn’t take advantage of this program.” – Robert W., NV.

“Please be advised that we have sold our home. We believe that this has been a good program and will likely be in contact with you when we finish building our next home. You provide an excellent program to save money and provide financial discipline.” – Richard, AZ

“We are selling our home and would like to cancel as soon as possible. I would like to add that we would like to use the Mortgage Manager again in the purchase of our next home.” – Philip & Linda C., FL.

“We plan on having our new home placed on the biweekly plan as soon as it is refinanced.” – G.A. & M.R., UT.

“We have used your service in the past. However, I was laid off and financial problems occurred because it was unexpected and swift. We are now back on track and would like to re-enroll in the program. Thank you for this great program and I will continue to share it with others.” – Timothy & Jacquelyn.

“I will no longer need the biweekly program. As of June 25th the new owners will be taking over the mortgage. You can be assured I will be calling on you with my next purchase.” – Ivan G., FL.

“Just wanted to thank you for your ultra-fast response. I was impressed with your customer service.” – Gwen A., WA.

“I have found this to be very beneficial to my wife and I in that it has helped us to reduce the balance owed on our mortgage in a surprisingly short period of time.” – Coy L., IN.

“We are in the process of refinancing and the mortgage company will be different. As yet, we do not know who it will be. Many thanks for the service you have provided so far. We shall be contacting you again shortly to let you know the details of the new mortgage.” – Dale & Liz, CA.

“This letter is to notify you that our mortgage has been paid in full. Thank you for all your services and help in paying our mortgage off sooner than we expected to be able to.” –Lyle & Donna, NM.

“I’m corresponding to ask if your company offers any “referral commissions” for referring homeowners about your wonderful program, the Mortgage Manager.” – .

“Thank you…thank you…thank you. And most of all, thank you so much for being so customer friendly.” – Norman.

“We considered everything from refinancing to the use of a consultant who would help us. These services would have cut thousands from our interest payment, but each required … several thousand dollars up front. Fortunately, we discovered the Mortgage Manager. Thank you so much for this software!” – E. Williams, WA.